500 Club


What is it?

The LFS 500 Club is simply a monthly raffle that runs all calendar year. To join in on the raffle, you choose a lucky number between 001-500 (1 number per paid subscription, you may buy as many as you like) and that becomes your membership number(s) for as long as you have purchased the number (we offer annual and quarterly memberships).

What could I win?

You have the chance to win up to $900/month that you are enrolled because your number could be drawn for all 4 monthly prizes of $500, $250, $100 and $50. You do not need to be present to win at the monthly drawing event. The drawing event is held at various school functions or after one of the LFS sponsoring churches masses.  Your check will be mailed to you directly at the address you provide on the request form.

How much does it cost to join?

You can choose to join our quarterly membership (good for 3 months) or our annual membership (good for one year). Quarterly memberships are $25.00/quarter and annual memberships are $100/00 year.

How does it help Little Flower School?

This is an easy and profitable fundraiser for LFS. There is virtually no cost to run the fundraiser, with exception of printing paper for requests forms and postage stamps to send out renewal letters through the mail, if no email address has been provided. There are no ticket printing costs because membership numbers are chosen. To understand the true profitability to the school, here are some numbers for you to chew on (using annual memberships): If half of the grid is sold (250 numbers), the school will realize $14,200 profit; should we sell out the entire grid of 500 numbers, LFS could profit $39,200 – every year. Think about it, at a cost of $100 per number, 500 annual numbers sold = $50,000.   Then you need to take out the entire payout for the year which is $10,800 and then the school realizes $39,200 profit!!

What other tidbits should I know?

  • EVERY membership you buy or sell can go toward your 2013-2014 Fundraising credit
  • Gift Certificates can be purchased for friends and family for any occasion
  • With our current enrollment of 133, if each family bought/sold 3 annual memberships, our school would profit $29,100!!

How can I join?

Simply take a look at the LFS Active Grid and choose a number that you can visibly see (if the number is missing or invisible, it is already taken). Write down your number choices on the LFS 500 Club Request Form and send in a check for $100 (for 12 month membership) or $25 (for 3 month membership) to the following address:LFS

ATTN: 500 Club, C. McKay

20410 Pt. Lookout Road

Great Mills, MD 20634