EZ Money Raffle

Tickets are being distributed with each enrollment package to give each family time to sell before the raffle date. This is one of the larger fundraisers for the school with the potential to net over $26,000. (Based on all tickets sold) Proceeds from this and other fundraisers are used for school operations.   The ticket price for this raffle remains at $25.00 each.

As stated on your LFS contract, each family that has a child enrolled in Little Flower School is required to buy or sell a minimum of six (6) EZ Money Raffle tickets. Any family that does not turn in their six (6) required tickets by the specified due date will be notified one (1) time that the tickets and payment are past due. Upon completion of the raffle, the Finance Office will be made aware of any family that has not met their EZ Money commitment.

After each family sells (or buys) their six (6) required tickets, there will be nearly 700 tickets left to sell. Therefore, we are hoping that we can count on each family to sell at least one or two additional tickets, if not more. You can call or email the EZ Money Raffle chairpersons at LFSEZMoney@gmail.com to get more tickets.


  • There is a $5.00 replacement ticket fee for each ticket that is lost and has to be replaced. 
  • PLEASE AVOID SENDING CASH WITH YOUR CHILD TO THE SCHOOL– please try to only send checks or money orders with your ticket stubs when turning them into the school.
  • Tickets will be sold after Masses at Holy Face, Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. George parishes during the months prior to the raffle drawing.  Volunteers are needed to help sell tickets during these times.   YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR SIX (6) REQUIRED TICKETS AFTER MASS. Sign-ups for after-Mass sales will be made available through the Wednesday letter or you may contact the raffle coordinator at LFSEZMoney@gmail.com.
  •  The Wednesday letter is our primary means of communication with you, so please make sure you read the notes in it each week for any updated information.

Instructions: Please note the following procedure for selling:

The EZ Money Raffle Tickets are 2 part tickets. Fill in the blanks on the stub part of the ticket with the buyer’s name, address and phone number. Please be sure to fill in “seller’s” name where it says ‘credit to’ as well so that you get credit for the sale. Tear off the stub and return it to the school along with payment. Please try to only send checks or money orders with your ticket stubs when turning them into the school.   The remaining part of the ticket is for the buyer to keep as proof of ticket purchase should they win one of the raffle prizes.

Checks should be made payable to LFS and please put the ticket number(s) on the check(s).

You do not need to wait until all 6 tickets are sold before turning in monies. Please turn money and sold tickets in as soon as they are sold. A flyer is also being provided that you can use to help promote sales. Encourage co-workers, friends, and family to split the cost of a ticket.

We appreciate your help in coordinating this effort!

For additional information please contact:

Karen Rowand – EZ Money Chairperson (ticket sales)


Please turn in monies as soon as tickets are sold. You do not need to wait to turn in all 6 tickets at once.