Why do we do fundraising?

  • The actual cost to educate one child for one year at Little Flower School is $9,000.  Our tuition is only $5,350.  This leaves us with a gap of approximately $3,650 per child.  We bridge that gap through fundraising.
  • Over the years, we have narrowed down our fundraisers significantly.  For the most part, our fundraisers are events that bring the community together and allow for people to eat, socialize, and be entertained.  This is the direction we have taken by listening to you and focusing on what you want, rather than just constantly selling “stuff” that takes up space but never gets used!
  • It takes a lot of volunteers to have a successful fundraiser!  From selling EZMoney raffle tickets after Masses, soliciting donations from local businesses for the benefit auction, working in the kitchen at purse bingo, dealing black jack at casino night, to loading and hauling mulch for the mulch sale, there is something for everyone that fits a variety of abilities and schedules.  Watch the Wednesday Letter throughout the school year for more information about how you can help!

How can I help?

Fundraising Chairperson: Jennifer Tennyson,