Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair at LFS


Little Flower School hosts a Scholastic Book Fair twice a year, once in the Fall during conferences, and once in the Spring. We always have a ‘Family Event’ night during the Book Fair to allow parents to come in and help choose books for their child, while also enjoying a treat and fellowship amongst all LFS Families.

Although our Book Fairs do raise money, they are not technically a FUNDRAISER. The monies we earn through our Scholastic Book Fairs are converted to ‘Scholastic Dollars’ which we use to purchase items from the Scholastic Resource Catalog.   Over the last few years we have taken this money and purchased ‘SMARTboards’ for our classrooms. We now have a ‘SMARTboard’ in each class room! We are currently saving our profits to purchase more technology for the school, as well as books for the school library and classroom libraries.

Your continued support of our Book Fair events is greatly appreciated.